Having an improvement of side-effects has greatly improved my well-being and ability to lead a good quality of life without any complications. Being able to relax has also been of great benefit.
P, September 2019

I am the Lead Acupuncturist for Dimbleby Cancer Care in the new cancer centre in Guy’s Hospital since opening in 2016. This is a referral only seated acupuncture group service for NHS patients, and I also see patients privately from my practice in North West London.

Neck Acupuncture Acupuncture for cancer patients, or oncology acupuncture, works along the same principles as all forms of Chinese medicine, where each person is evaluated and treated as an individual and not a set of symptoms. However, there are obvious considerations with cancer patients, and it’s important to understand where acupuncture can, and cannot, be used. My treatments are fully integrated, combining Chinese medicine principles alongside cancer therapy, in order to manage symptoms and increase quality of life.

There are many side-effects of cancer, both from the treatment and the diagnosis itself. The most common symptoms I see are anxiety, insomnia, pain, nausea, hot flushes, fatigue and chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy – but I will treat anything that’s bothering you.

I support the cancer patient in all stages of their journey, from early diagnosis, to treatment, recovery or palliative care. As an experienced oncology acupuncturist, you can enjoy your sessions in the knowledge that the treatment will be effective and safe.

Having acupuncture for cancer care is increasingly supported by scientific trials and research, which you can read about here.