"A calming presence and so supportive, I always looked forward to our sessions."

Prior to my 3rd cycle of IVF, I searched for a local acupuncturist who specialised in IVF treatments. Mandy came recommended on the British Acupuncture Council’s website and was wonderfully close to my house. After 2 failed cycles, I really wanted to throw everything at this cycle and having had previous experience of acupuncture to reduce stress, knew that, if nothing else, it would help with calming me down. Mandy began by working on regulating my cycle and working on my anxiety and stress levels. Not only did her treatments make me feel calmer and help me sleep when I needed to, her experience with IVF cycles and her pragmatic advice really helped throughout the process. As the transfer neared, she arranged for a treatment on the day and for regular treatments to boost the chance of success through the first 12 weeks. I am now nearly 17 weeks pregnant and hugely grateful for the support, acupuncture and sound advice that Mandy has given me through the process. Having a safe space each week to panic and then calm down through talk and treatment has made the process feel a little less lonely and much more manageable. Oh, and I love the ear seeds she uses!

H, November 2019

I love having acupuncture and find Mandy professional, expert and compassionate.

AJ, October 2019

Having an improvement of side effects has greatly improved my well-being and ability to lead a good quality of life without any complications. Being able to relax has also been a great benefit.

P, September 2019

Just to thank you for the care and attention you have given me at my acupuncture sessions. My ailments are gradually coming down. Many thanks once again.

I, November 2019

I found acupuncture very calming and soothing, with noticeable effects on my hot flushes and anxiety. Mandy is very knowledgable and caring. Thank you.

C, January 2018

The pain, fatigue, and general feeling of not being well have all decreased substantially. Thank you.

T, May 2018

Mandy's delivery of acupuncture has been invaluable. I have experienced relief from headaches, blocked ears, and gained a space to relax and be cared for weekly for an hour which I really appreciate. Mandy is compassionate and able to tailor the service week to week. Thank you

J, August 2017

Mandy has been fantastic and supportive. I feel that my acupuncture sessions have made a huge difference to my well-being and overall relaxation. I would recommend Mandy to other patients. Thank you so much. It has been amazing.

C, October 2017

I came for acupuncture with Mandy because of a lot of scar tissue along the whole of my lip into my chin, which was fibrotic. The acupuncture has helped by lessening this and speeding the healing a huge amount. I am very grateful and thank you very much.

R, January 2018

I initially saw Mandy for acupuncture when I was having fertility treatment in 2015, after which happily my first child was born. I saw her again at the start of 2018 when we had sadly suffered a miscarriage. 2018 was one of the hardest years of my life as after the first miscarriage I went on to suffer another, and then had two rounds of IVF back to back. I saw Mandy for acupuncture on a regular basis throughout all of this and she was wonderful. A calming presence and so supportive, I always looked forward to our sessions and during some of my darkest moments, my acupuncture session was a real lifeline both physically and mentally. Mandy always made so much effort to see me at times that were convenient for me especially when I had to fit appointments around care for my son and she was always happy for me to bring him to my sessions where once he napped under her treatment table! When I was having my rounds of IVF she went out of her way to see me at a time that wasn’t ideal for her but was the most appropriate for the timing of my IVF cycle. During such a stressful process, this meant so much to me and I will always be grateful for Mandy for the way she looked after me. I am overjoyed to have recently had my second baby but if I ever needed acupuncture in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Mandy and would choose her over anyone else!

A, 2015 & 2018